Monday, June 08, 2009

The Nerd is Back

Bear with me, I have a few comments to make on the unfortunateness of being 30 and then will get right to football. Remember last week when I talked about how much I loved going to the dentist? Well no more. This afternoon I am off to get a root canal; fortunately I am in no pain whatsoever but apparently there's nothing like ringing in a new decade with a root canal. Sweet. And that jury duty I had last week? Oh yeah, it's not over yet. It's for a murder trial here in Boulder and I head back for the voir dire process tomorrow. I'm hoping to slide out of that one since it will otherwise entail 3-5 weeks of sitting on a jury, and time is just not a luxury I have these days. Frankly it feels like being an adult is way overrated right now. But I had an awesome birthday and that's certainly worth a lot!

Onto football...the season is getting closer, sites are revving back up, I'm starting to get 2009 roster questions (which are taking me awhile to respond to - sorry!)'s all very exciting.

All for today. Off to go get some work done pre-dental work!

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Unknown said...

for the voir dire, when the defense attorney questions you tell them a family member is in law enforcement. That should take you off