Monday, June 01, 2009

Starting June off with FF links

Happy June. Busy times here in the library and beyond - I've got all sorts of fun stuff happening this week: consultations with movers, a visit to the dentist, jury duty and a 30th birthday (here's hoping I don't spend my birthday serving out my civic duty). Okay so everything except the birthday could qualify as legitimately un-fun, but to be honest, I love going to the dentist. Yeah, I said it: I love the dentist. Anyway, it's a busy week and I'll do my best to squeeze in the fantasy football when possible. Let's get right to today's links:

  • I'll be the first to admit, this Fifth Down article on Arizona's Surprisingly Efficient Run Blocking was a little unexpected. I pegged the Arizona o-line as needing some serious help so it's interesting to see that really most of the line was pretty decent...a reminder that one cog in the system can throw things off.
  • KFFL has a ranking devised specifically for those of you playing in standard Yahoo! Sports leagues - pretty rad, huh? How do you all feel about Aaron Rodgers at the #2 QB spot, ahead of Peyton and Brady? I'm an Aaron Rodgers fan but that makes me slightly uneasy...
  • Where are the Rams headed next?
  • Rotoworld analyzes why Ronnie Brown might be headed into the 2009 season as an undervalued player.
  • Another guy who might come at a good value? Maroney - see why Fantasy Hulks are digging the Pats RB so late in the draft.
  • What's the deal with the 3rd year breakout WR theory? Ultimate FF Strategy takes a good, long look at recent breakout WRs and at the end of the article there are some 2009 breakout candidates noted. Keep in mind a more detailed article about the 2009ers is still to come.
  • Those who are new to IDP leagues may want to check out Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Individual Defensive Players Draft Advice piece for a heads-up on where/when/why to take your IDPs.


Anonymous said... has free draft day cheat sheets up for all positions. Check it out.

Ryan said...

Aaron Rogers was the 2nd highest scoring player in Yahoo's standard FF league last season, after only Drew Brees among everyone in the NFL. It really should not be a shock he's ranked ahead of Peyton Manning & Tom Brady.

Rogers scored more points than D. Williams, A. Peterson, MJD, and Michael Turner all did individually in the same Yahoo standard FF league last year as well. Their very good reasons he's valued this highly.

Plus the Packers next year have a much better schedule of opponents to face than the Patriots do. Tom Brady is going to have his work cutout for himself. Meanwhile in Indianapolis Peyton Manning lost his HC, OC and the defense lost their DC. Both Brees & Rogers are in better positions overall from a FF point of view IMHO.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Good points, Ryan, and I didn't know he ended up as the 2nd highest scoring by yahoo standards. Very interesting - and most of all, I love seeing a ranking that is in some way different from the masses. Good stuff.