Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday mashup

I was at the gym yesterday watching the first half of the U.S. vs Brazil final with a cohort of big soccer fans. Strangers until yesterday we all rejoiced with the U.S.'s first half goals as if we were lifelong buds. I love how sports brings people together, bridging across the treadmills and ellipticals. Must say I am kind of glad I ducked out of there at halftime or else I'd have observed my new best friends' dismay at Brazil's second half dominance.

Moving on to the other football:

  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has some thoughts up on the Top Underrated by Position. Scope it out as the top piece for now in the articles section (sorry, no direct link to the article available).
  • I love a good article on a totally random position that does actually have fantasy value in one way or another...enter FFToolbox's Top 10 Punters. Niiiice.
  • I'm seeing some trends in wisdom of the crowds stuff again this season - I think a lot of us are aware of ADP (average draft position) that sites like pull together from their many, many drafts during the preseason, but there are also sites like The Most Credible and a new one to me now - Fantasy Fanatics - that rely on the general public to inform their rankings; or as Fantasy Fanatics puts it, "crowd-sourced fantasy rankings" to whet your rankings appetite. So if you want your opinion to be heard, sign in to one of those social networking-esque rankings sites and voice your thoughts.
  • Peter King is off on his summer vacay so who has MMQB covered this week you ask? Trent Green. Oh yeah, you heard me correctly. Enjoy.
  • In the Rotoworld draft mag (in bookstores now, go snag yours!), in the Bold Predictions section I suggested that Braylon Edwards is the most likely player to be traded. A FanHouse interview with Edwards has me rethinking I just like learning about the major community contributions that Edwards has made both to Cleveland and Detroit - warms my heart to hear such things.
  • You can count on Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy to well, bring out some strategy talk, as one might expect from the site's name. So delve into their Strategies for Drafting Depth and see what they suggest for the first 9 rounds of an average 12-team league.
  • Personally I'm pleased to see NFLGridIronGab's report that the Bears Don't Have Enough to Land Unhappy Broncos WR Marshall; I mean seriously, taking both Cutler and Marshall? Not cool.

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