Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rookies to Add to Your Keeper League

Tomorrow night I will be partaking in 2 rounds of a 4-round draft in my keeper/dynasty league. I have been trying to scrounge up some rookie rankings and figure out who exactly I want to be targeting. So here's some keeper info, mostly geared towards those who are only adding rookies now:

[Calvin Johnson photo: FoxSports]


Anonymous said...

Anthony Gonzales would be a good pick. He is not as profiled as Calvin Johnson but in that Colt offense he is a good guy to get.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I fully agree, Jeremy. I have drafted Anthony Gonzalez in both of my drafts (and they're not even keeper leagues), which might be a little bit of overkill but I think he has huge potential. If you were a WR with the Colts, what more could you want than Peyton saying you're going to be great??