Friday, August 10, 2007

Noah Herron as GB's RB...wait, who?

That's right, Noah Herron. There's a little love for my fellow Northwestern alum in an article today from CBS Sportsline, Overlooked Herron could play more prominent role with Packers. I think we're all well aware that Northwestern is hardly a football powerhouse so I'm always really pleased to see my NU guys performing well in the NFL. Who else is from Northwestern, you ask? Luis Castillo, Napoleon Harris, and a handful of other talented, mostly defense-oriented guys. [photo: Rusty Kennedy, AP]

A blog post, NFL projections are meaningless, zeroes in on the fact that perhaps any stat projections for the 2007 season should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm curious as to how many people rely upon stat projections versus general cheat sheets/rankings? Personally, I'm way more inclined to look at cheat sheets than straight up stat projections but maybe that's just me?

And in case you wanted another free draft kit, look no further than Ask The Commish who just published their version 1.00 Free Fantasy Football Draft Kit. May the "version 1.00" be a clue to you that this may be updated before your draft day rolls around. Remember how important those updates are and don't be that guy/chick who drafts with misinformation.
Enjoy the weekend and its pre-season shenanigans, my fellow fantasy football fans.

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