Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Fantasy Updates

Fantasy football draft kits and cheat sheets are exploding all over the web. I just printed out my 48-page Bruno Boys Pre-Draft Webazine and am looking forward to reviewing it. Stat. And then recycling the small tree of paper - this thing is beefy.

Over dinner last night, my husband and I were discussing the merits of drafting Daunte Culpepper in the very late rounds. I'll spare you our conversation as it probably wasn't nearly as concise or enlightening as the nice review of Daunte Culpepper done byTJI Fantasy Sports. TJI (short for This Just In) also has somewhat lengthy blogs on where to draft Reggie Bush and GB's Brandon Jackson. I like the attention to individual players that TJI provides - it's nice to see a few paragraphs about a player you could potentially draft for the season rather than just a few sentences.

Take a look at this week's NBC Sports Fantasy Fix video for a review of which round to draft some interesting players like Cadillac Williams, Deuce McAllister, and Randy Moss. Gregg Rosenthal and Tiffany Simons have been hosting the Fantasy Fix segment for quite some time now and I say getting fantasy football info by video is certainly a welcome change of pace.

Earlier this week, Aaron posted a comment asking how accurate the experts that I noted in my Average Ranking Positions post were in 2006 - did the 2006 rankings compare to fantasy point totals at the end of the season? I have been fairly successful in finding the 2006 rankings from those same experts and am going to compare their rankings from a year ago to the 2006 fantasy point totals - I should be posting that blog by Wednesday afternoon, I hope, so stay tuned.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the publicity and the compliments. Glad you liked my posts. There's a new one up that you might not enjoy as much--a critique of Travis Henry. I'm curious about the response a Broncos fan would have. Let me know.

Eric Frierson said...

I'm sure you get asked this thousands of times, but do you know if there's a librarian fantasy football league out there to join?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi Eric,
In response to your comment about finding a librarian fantasy football league out there, I recommend you check out this blog: http://researchquest.blogspot.com/2007/07/national-librarian-sport-declared.html. I referenced it in one of my posts in July and the librarian of that blog, Paul, then left me a comment asking if I was interested in playing in his librarian FF league. Unfortunately I think my head might explode if I participate in another league, so I can't give you the details about it but it might be worth contacting him. Hope that helps!