Friday, August 31, 2007

Drafting with IDPs and Tier Info

Greetings. Welcome to the start of college football. I'm psyched for the battle between Northwestern (my alma mater) and Northeastern tomorrow - I'm sure everyone is, right? It's the battle of the North***terns. I need to focus my energy on finding a sports bar with the Big Ten Network by 10 am mountain time tomorrow...

But first to the NFL. This Sunday I'm drafting my 4th team - this one is an IDP league. So I've been doing a little IDP research and thought I'd include some of those links here. I also wanted to get some links to tier rankings up as well - scroll down a little further for those.

IDP Info
Check out FFToday's updated rankings for DLs, DBs, and LBs. I know I've linked to these before but it's nice to have a site with rankings that are actually updated with some frequency and thought it might be worth posting them again. You can adjust the rankings based on several different scoring systems, too. There's also some helpful icon usage here for those of you who don't really want to read - a check mark = upside, while an alert symbol shockingly = risk.

Now moving onto The Huddle - they have a 12-team mock draft with IDPs included...though their first IDPs are being taken early in Round 4 - does that sound really early to anyone else?? I would've guessed end of the 5th round at best. Thoughts? They also provide a way more realistic looking Experts IDP league mock draft (again 12 teams) in a separate article - this is the more accurate draft in my opinion, but thought I'd offer both. has a summary article that's actually from 2006 on IDPs and some general IDP draft strategy - their 2007 IDP rankings for "after the studs are gone" don't appear to be up yet but keep checking back since it's getting pretty close to crunch time on this.

See for their IDP rankings. Or here for SI's IDP rankings. Or Alder's DL, LB, DB rankings.

Tiers Info
Okay, now onto tiers - no idea what tiers are or how they help your draft - check out this quick explanation from Fantasy Football Strategy.

If you're thinking of drafting via the tier method, check out some of the tier rankings from Rotoworld. A lot of Rotoworld's tier info is part of their draft kit and not free, but the QB Tiers and RB Tiers are available.

For more tiers info, actually has some surprisingly decent tier rankings up - check out the QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF tiers.

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