Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Average Ranking Position

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I've pulled together an Average Ranking Position spreadsheet that is based on 12 Top 100 rankings that I retrieved from a variety of sources (listed below). ADP is great but I'm also interested in where "experts" on average place players in their rankings. I tried to ensure that each ranking I looked at used the same scoring system, though many of them didn't mention the scoring that they based their ranking on, so I assumed they used a standard scoring system. I'm also banking on the fact that some of the slight but important differences (4 vs 6 points for TDs thrown; 1 point per 20 vs 25 yards receiving) may even out across the averaging. So I recommend using this as a supplemental drafting tool if you're in need. And who isn't looking for more info, really?

For the full spreadsheet of the Top 120 players, click here. I've divided it up into the various steps I took to average each ranking and have also included an average ranking by position (RB, WR, QB, TE, and a few defenses) on the final worksheet. For those who are really interested, many of the calculations had to be done in Excel and transferred over to Google Spreadsheets since Google's capabilities are a little more limited.

Another important item to note - the rankings I used are updated as of July 31. Many training camp injuries/issues were not reflected yet in some of the rankings (like Frank Gore and Warrick Dunn). So consider this a pre-camp ranking. I will update the list in a few weeks when the regular season gets closer. Also, I removed Michael Vick from all rankings that he was still included in; I also removed any player who only received one vote/ranking across all of the 12 rankings. Players who received no ranking from an expert were given a ranking of 125 for purposes of averaging.

Below is the Top 30 ranking with the Average Ranking Position listed after the players name. For more, see the full spreadsheet.

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson 1
  2. Steven Jackson 2.154
  3. Larry Johnson 3.077
  4. Frank Gore 4.692
  5. Shaun Alexander 6.000
  6. Brian Westbrook 6.846
  7. Joseph Addai 7.538
  8. Willie Parker 7.769
  9. Peyton Manning 10.077
  10. Rudi Johnson 10.077
  11. Laurence Maroney 12.846
  12. Travis Henry 13.692
  13. Reggie Bush 14.000
  14. Willis McGahee 14.462
  15. Steve Smith 15.154
  16. Chad Johnson 16.923
  17. Marvin Harrison 18.769
  18. Ronnie Brown 19.154
  19. Torry Holt 19.154
  20. Clinton Portis 21.154
  21. Terrell Owens 22.6154
  22. Maurice Jones-Drew 22.692
  23. Edgerrin James 24.000
  24. Reggie Wayne 24.231
  25. Cedric Benson 26.231
  26. Thomas Jones 26.231
  27. Larry Fitzgerald 28.154
  28. Carson Palmer 28.6154
  29. Roy Williams 31.6154
  30. Antonio Gates 33.231
Curious about my sources? They were:
Yahoo Sports
FF Toolbox
CBS Sportsline
Fox Sports
Pigskin Addiction
Fantasy Football Xtreme
Ask The Commish
FF Cheatsheets


Unknown said...

That's cool how you did this.

In regards to your comment. Yes, and no. What I mean by that is if FF owners are serious and can win a good amount of $$, then yes. For novice owners who may only participate in one league with a $20 entry fee, then no.

Unknown said...

$20 is a lot of money to some of us! Librarian, great work on this. Just where do you find the time to accomplish such a feat? I have a feeling you're going to be tough to beat in the bloggers' league this season!

Anonymous said...

Is there any way that you can make something similar with an average of different site's projected stats?

Anonymous said...

According to this list I have 4 players - from my first draft - in the top 30.

I really like your list FFL. :)


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Corey, willing to share your draft outcome? Or is that like trading secrets with the enemy?