Monday, August 27, 2007

NFL Star Wars Style

Kudos to my brother-in-law, Brian, for forwarding me this link of Predicted NFL Standings in 2007 a la Star Wars characters or as Brian called it, Football Preview This Is. Now being born in 1979 into a family of girls, I have to say a good chunk of the Star Wars references are way past me. I was too busy watching ET, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and The Princess Bride in my youth (but yes, I have seen all the Star Wars movies once, for those who are suddenly all up in arms about that). However, regardless of my Star Wars naivete, I'm happy to report that I still find this highly entertaining and think you likely will too. More soon on actual fantasy football info and advice.


Anonymous said...

haha I love the Raiders:

Storm Troopers, look tough but really aren't.

Love your blog and just down the road from you in Erie.

Anonymous said...

That's a great link! Bill Belichick does look a lot like the Emperor. Keep up the good work on the blog and good luck in the blogger's league this year.