Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Winners

This is my final update for my FFLibrarian contests - thank you all for your submissions over the past few months. The final contest ended on a fun note with the same guy, David Cheng, submitting the most accurate guesses for BOTH of my questions for Week 4. I've sent him to Vegas to keep his lucky streak going but actually only rewarded him with one subscription to FFXtreme. David correctly guessed that Chris Johnson would be the Titan RB with the most rushing yards with 61 yards; he guessed Jay Cutler would have 351 passing yards (Cutler had 361). So the next closest guess to Cutler's yardage was Joey with a guess of 344 passing yards. Joey won access to the FFStarters Power Play Package.

An update on the FFLibrarian's $100K Fantasy Challenge - the top 5 players this week are as follows: Lab, Htownpunks, Teh Big Red Dogs, Law Dawgs and mcjoker. Mcjoker happens to be my old high school boyfriend, so a special congrats to him - clearly I knew how to pick a good FF player even in my younger days. I'll keep updating you all on the $100K challenge over the rest of the season - I'm hoping to crack that top 5 one of these days...

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