Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Getting sick of drafting

Greetings fantasy footballers. The first regular season game is just two days away and I'm currently stuck at home on my couch with a bit of a fever and a cold. I have just one more draft left tonight (and it's just a 4-round dynasty draft) so I've decided to blame this sickness on a total fantasy draft overload. Fortunately, being sick just means that I can sit here watching SportsCenter or preseason replays while I work, so I should be extremely up-to-date on football news. Silver lining, baby.

The football links for today are as follows:

  • What do you do with Rudi Johnson in Detroit? I just don't see Rudi having a fantasy-worthy season this year but if you own Kevin Smith, you could snag Rudi as insurance. See what Rotoworld has to say on Rudi and others in Rudi Resurfaces in Detroit - this includes a link to a fantastic article on Ricky Williams trying to go to med school. Yes, for real.
  • Scott Engel's Fantasy Football: Angles, the wait it over reminds us not to get "cute" and start rookies or untested players just because we like their matchup this week; let your best players start and see how the first week pans out.
  • One of the first start/sit lists of the week is up! FFXtreme's Fantasy Football Start and Bench Advice: Week 1 is ready for your perusal.
  • Just in case you haven't drafted yet and are looking for some late WR potential, check out the FF Geek Blog's Late-round wide receiver sleepers.
  • FFToolbox has your Who to Start Week #1 player rankings up - FFToolbox will be posting a lot of weekly content, so I definitely recommend checking them out as the week goes by (and as the season goes by!).

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Andrew said...

Sara, sorry to hear about your cold! You have been working very hard to get us the best possible info and you need to take some time off.. rest up, games are coming soon!