Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FFLibrarian Winners

Okay, let's talk about winners. I've got a lot of contests and challenges going on it seems so let's review the top dogs:

1. There are 62 of us in the FFLibrarian's Challenge on NBCSports.com's $100K Fantasy Challenge. After Week 2 the top five leaders in the challenge are: Top Down Bottom Up, Micksauce, DoubleO, The Maestro and Htownpunks. Nice work, teams. Keep it up though remember the Librarian is on your tail. Kind of - I'm back in 28th place sadly. If you're wishing you were part of this challenge, I think you can still join in since your team’s 2 lowest week totals are thrown out. Check out this post for details on how to join us.

2. Last week I offered up two questions - how many rushing yards would Matt Forte have? And how many receiving yards would Randy Moss have? We have two winners! Tucker Dahlberg is the big winner of the Forte contest with 92 yards; Tucker is now a proud subscriber of FFXtreme. And Sean Davis is the winner of the Moss contest - Sean submitted a guess of 37 yards, which was the closest submission to Moss' measly 22 yards. With this guess Sean won access to FFStarters' Power Play Package.

I will be giving away subscriptions to FFXtreme and FFStarters for two more weeks, so you still have a chance to win! This week I'll be asking two new questions:

  1. During Week 3, which defense will give up the fewest points and how many points will that be?
  2. During Week 3, which kicker will kick the longest field goal and how long will the kick be?
Send me an e-mail by Sunday at 1:00 eastern time with your submission to participate.


Anonymous said...

An IDP question: In a tackle-heavy league (2 pt. per solo), what do you think of Chris Gamble and Channing Crowder as DB and LB options, respectively?

Also, what do you make of Pierre Thomas's value? He's quietly putting up some nice points.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Gamble is looking good so far and with an upcoming Minn offense that's looking particularly shaky at everything except the run game, I think he'd be a nice start this week. Crowder is on a D that is just bound to see a lot of play time - actually, this reminds me that if Yeremiah Bell is available still, he'd make a great DB, too - but back to Crowder...give him a whirl, he's certainly had two decent weeks back-to-back, esp when you've got 2 pts per solo tackle here. Other LBs with lots of tackle potential include Ruud and Keiaho if they're available.

I've been tempted to start Pierre Thomas this coming week. We all know Denver isn't exactly the greatest against the run (sigh) and he could definitely be in line for another TD - I'd probably only start him as a flex of RB3 though. His value could definitely skyrocket up as the season goes on...great guy to have on reserves.

Anonymous said...

should i start dante rasorio (against Minn.) or randy mcmichael (against Seattle) this week?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Oh man, a tough TE question to start my morning. I think this is the 4th TE question I've done already today...TEs are so hard to predict (for me)! How risky are you feeling? If you need to play it safe this week, I'd go with McMichael with low expectations. Last year McMichael had 36 and 24 yards in games against the Seahawks. Not exactly tearing it up. But if you're feeling risky and have some otherwise stellar players on your team, go with Rosario and hope that Steve Smith gets covered so much that it leaves Rosario open for lots of short passes. Good luck!