Friday, September 19, 2008

Cornucopia of Start/Sit Links

How about the CU Buffs?! Despite working for CU, I'm not even a huge Colorado fan (it goes back to the whole Gary Barnett suddenly leaving my alma mater, Northwestern, to come to CU) but I think it's worth mentioning that they beat #21 West Virginia in a solid overtime game last night. Well done, Buffs, well done.

So there have been a few of you who have asked where in the Westwood One program I do an analysis of QBs for Week 3 - it's about 1/3 of the way through the program (starting maybe 18 or 19 minutes in). I'd love to hear any feedback since this was the first time I've done a radio or podcast segment and have been toying with whether or not to do them more often. I know I'm not a radio natural so any feedback would be appreciated.

FYI, this will likely be my first post for the day - I'll get some IDP advice and consensus start/sit info up later today.

  • First up, my post on the NY Times' Fifth Down blog - Fantasy Football: Upheaval and Advice has a few of my favorite links for the week, most of which I didn't post here on my blog already, and an update on my use of the FFNerd to make start/sit decisions.
  • Don't sweat Brandon Marshall's latest news - he knew charge was coming as did the NFL. There is some discrepancy as to whether or not this will result in another suspension or not, but the trial won't occur for several months (November at the earliest) so if there is another suspension, it likely won't take place until 2009. For now, breathe easy, Marshall owners.
  • Read some quick thoughts on this week's upcoming games from Rotoworld in Can the Jags Still Run?
Now for the cornucopia of start or sit sites for the week:


Anonymous said...

Start/sit question: I start two RBs and my options are: Julius Jones, Michael Turner, and LT. The thing with LT is that he plays monday, so if I wait on him and have to make a last minute change my only option is adding L Washington as a free agent. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Out of all your links who do you feel consistently has the best INTEL and advice??

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian... I'll solve your problem and trade you Sproles for Michael Turner ;)

But really, anyone think Sproles is worth a flex start this week? Awesome links as always, librarian.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a helpful site! Neat recommendations of other FF links as well....thanks,A2L

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi Brian,
I think that Turner will have a great game and Julius Jones is also poised to do really well this week. It's hard to advise sitting LT, but that's what I would suggest in this circumstance. As for Sproles, I do think he'd make a great flex player this week but relying on him to be one of your 2 RBs for the week might be asking a bit too much.

James, you have asked me the hardest question of all. Each site has its own pluses and minuses but I think two of my favorites are Rotoworld and The Huddle. But I love the news/intel from KFFL and there are blogs like FFGoat and The Hazean that I really value. FFOutsiders and Football Docs are also two other great sites. Man, this is hard - I could keep going for awhile here...