Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 3 Winners on FFLibrarian

Now I can't forget all my contest winners! Here's a summary of the Week 3 winners of my various challenges:

1. In the $100K Fantasy Challenge run by NBC Sports, the top 5 teams after Week 3 are: DoubleO, Htownpunks, Top Down Bottom Up, bridgejumpers and Micksauce. I've moved on up to 9th place after a tremendous 210 point showing this past week so at least I have that to look back on fondly from Week 3. I'm not sure if those who are in the challenge can see the group's standings or not, so if you are playing and wondering where you stand within the FFLibrarian's Challenge, just shoot me an e-mail.

2. Last week I asked two questions and ended up with three winners:

  • During Week 3, which defense will give up the fewest points and how many points will that be? So no one actually got this question correct (the Eagles held the Steelers to a mere 6 points) so I went with the individual who was closest to the lowest score and the winner of this one was Denny Guillot-Beinke who guessed that the Titans would hold the Texans to 10 points - he was off by a mere 2 points as the Texans ended up putting up 12 points in the end. Nicely done, Denny, you now have a subscription to Fantasy Football Xtreme.
  • During Week 3, which kicker will kick the longest field goal and how long will the kick be? Again, no one got this exactly right (Reed with a 53-yarder) but two guys were within 5 yards to the two longest FGs from kickers that I had submissions for (I realize that probably made no sense, but it does, I promise!). Dave submitted a guess that Bironas would have a 49-yarder (44 was his longest) and Anil guessed that Gostkowski would have a 49-yarder (also had a FG of 44 yards). So both Dave and Anil are now subscribers to FF Starters' Power Play Package.
Hooray for winners! You have one last chance to be a winner on FFLibrarian - this will be the last week that I give away subscriptions, so submit your guess via e-mail for the following two questions by Sunday at 1:00 eastern in order to win!
  1. For a FFXtreme subscription: Which running back from the Titans (LenDale White or Chris Johnson) will have more rushing yards against Minnesota this weekend and how many yards will that be? And while we're at it, throw in a TD count for your lead Titans runner to help with tie breakers.
  2. For a FFStarters subscription: How many yards and TDs will Jay Cutler throw for this week against Kansas City?

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