Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday morning recap for Week 4

Before I get into any of today's links (and no, I can't even talk about the sadness of the Broncos' loss), can we all just enjoy a moment for my 5-0 Northwestern Wildcats? Oh yeah. This glory might not last, but for now we are sitting atop the Big Ten (with Penn State) and it's a wonderful place to be. I'm already dreaming of the Rose Bowl...

Some links for the day:

  • Waiver wire material is up for your review - the FFGoat's Fantasy Football Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 4 even includes Kyle Orton. I think the Goat is aware of how crazy it is to actually have Orton's name there - and last night I swear I kept hearing all sorts of Orton praise that just didn't feel natural at all - but hey, if you need help, sometimes you've just gotta dig deep. Real deep.
  • also has wavier advice up in Toomer, Seattle wideouts will be hot names on the waiver wire. I snagged Engram in a few leagues and am hoping I'll be able to plug him in right away...we shall see how that turns out...
  • Starting later today I will be blogging daily on with some additional thoughts and links to what I have here. I'll be putting up links to that material every day so you'll basically be getting a double librarian dose if you need it.
  • There were some injuries in Week 4 - stay hip and see why everyone seems to be grabbing Steve Breaston by reading Rotoworld's Injury Crunch.
  • Check out FootballDocs' Fantasy Football Waiver Wire for some free agents you might be able to put on your team if you're in need of some help for Week 5 and beyond.
  • And finally, Fantasy Sports Business did an interview with me - my profile is located here on FSB if you're interested.


bigboid said...

Congrats on getting the media attention! I mean that. You do good work, so please don't let the media give you the big head and start demanding more touches, a la TO. By the way, you do provide a nice counter argument to the other media darling this FFB season, Women Against Fantasy Sports ( They're just a bunch of haters.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have a little more info on everyone, is it time for a look at season/playoff SoS rankings?