Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking at Moore options on the wavier wire

Rashard Mendenhall is out for the season - seriously?! That was a battlefield out there last night in the MNF game...I can't remember the last time I saw so many injuries, stretchers or carts used as in Week 4. So now my old fantasy flame, Mewelde Moore, reappears on the scene. If I was wise, I'd heed the advice of the FFGeekBlog and perhaps not run out and grab Moore. See what the Geeks have to say about other waiver wire options out there, too.

I'm not sure I want to admit to you all that I had another abysmal week - I went 2-5 again. I spent a great deal of time last night pouring through my league standings, ranting about how many "points against" I had accrued and how everyone clearly brought their A-game when they played me...and then I laughed wickedly when I noticed that I might have lost to a guy in one league this week, but my point total still landed me ahead of him in the league standings. My husband just shook his head sadly at how his once normal wife had become an obsessed fantasy machine.

So bring it, Week 5. I'm not going 2-5 again; I'm done with that.

  • Fantasy Sharks' Week Five Waiver Wire Pickups - note that there is not a single player out there that these guys think is a "must have" for the week. I'm liking their Donnie Avery note here - I've written about this guy's potential before and I think we'll start seeing some sneak peeks before the season's end.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru Week 5 - another quality video from Hatty; note his comment in the beginning that a lot of these suggestions are most appropriate for players in deep leagues.
  • CBSSports has more waiver advice in Playing the Waiver Wire - I've seen Zach Miller on a bunch of pickup lists so it's interesting to read the counter argument here against grabbing Miller. By the way, if you have Fasano, think about plugging him in against the Chargers next week.
  • And wait - MORE waiver advice is still coming. KFFL.com's Waiver Wire - Week 5 is up and I think it's time to admit that I'm liking McClain a lot more now that I actually saw him in action last night. He is not a small man at all - that guy has got some power behind him.
  • Okay, final waiver wire article...the Fantasy Hulks, a new site on the scene, has their Waiver World post up - I really like the way they divided pickups into all leagues, 12-teamer leagues and 14-teamer leagues. I hear from a lot of you guys that are in massive leagues with few options - hopefully the Fantasy Hulks will be able to help you out this season.


Bobbert said...

I am having a slight dilemma at this time. My bench happens to be full of players that I can't seem to drop for a TE this week (I have Winslow on bye).

My bench as it stands right now is
Kellen Winslow
Braylon Edwards
LenDale White
Ryan Grant
Marques Colston
Pierre Thomas
Carson Palmer

I have been toying with the idea of dropping Thomas with the reemergence of Deuce, which is what I will probably end up doing. But I have also thinking about picking up Mewelde Moore and just not playing a TE this week.

Palmer... I don't know what to think of him at this time. Though he did show a glimmer of his old self last week I am unsure if he is even worth a bench slot at this point when you consider he might not even play again this due to his elbow "issue".

So I am wondering, who would you drop if anyone to pickup a TE for this week.

Thanks ahead of time for any input that you can give me on this issue and I hope you have better luck in the future with your leagues!

bigboid said...

Honestly, I don't know how anyone (even a super FFB fan like you) can keep track of all the players in even two leagues. I did that once, in 1999. Just once. Swore I'd never try it again, because it just gets way too complicated remembering who is available on the waiver wire, setting lineups, evaluating matchups, etc., etc. Seven leagues! That's really too much to handle.

Anonymous said...

Feelin' the pain this year, too - won my league last year, am a crummy 1-3 this year, even though I'm #2 in points and have 4 of the top 10 scorers. 2 of my 3 losses came from teams having their best games (by far) of the year - but our luck has gotta change soon - it can't always be bad! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice list of waiver wire advice columns. I agree about McLain also. He should be a good pickup. Now I just have to find the leagues he's still available in.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Bobbert, I think I would drop Thomas and pick up a TE for the week. If you really need Thomas back, you might be able to get him still if you want him post-Week 5. I'm assuming it's unlikely that you'd start Thomas over Grant right now (or White) so it won't be a huge loss for you.

bigboid, 7 is too many...hence why I keep having these crappy 2-5 weeks, right?

Dan, I'm glad you can feel my pain and here's to the rest of the season improving.

FFCalculator, great to hear from you - was just thinking about your site the other day. Hope your season is going well.

Samuel Raisanen said...

Really? It only took you 3 extra weeks to realize the greatness that is McClain! If only you knew how to draft the worst team in the history on fantasy football you would have been on that sooner.

Go Motor City Kitties!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah came in here looking for an article on Lance Moore, saw Mewelde Moore instead.

Anyways, with Andre Johnson in a crazy slump and Walter + Slaton stepping up... is it a good idea to play Lance Moore instead of Andre Johnson? Both are starters pretty much and Saints have the better offense.