Friday, September 05, 2008

IDP start & sit sites and other gems

It's Friday of Week 1 and FFLibrarian old timers might remember that Fridays are IDP (individual defensive player) day. From the poll on the right side it's clear that many more of you are more interested in start/sit and waivers but there are a dedicated group of IDPers out there, so I'll be sure to still get your IDP links up on Fridays. But don't worry, I've got some material for the rest of you, too.

IDP info - a lot of the regular IDP sites aren't rolling quite yet this season but will be soon:

Non-IDP info:
  • I'll go ahead and do some (more) self-promotion here - my first blog post for the season is up on the Times' Fifth Down, Fantasy Football Librarian is Here to Help.
  • Rotoworld features a new column from Mark St. Amant - MCI Index: Who's rising? MCI stands for Man Crush Index. Being female, I'm not exactly sure how to alter this index appropriately but I'll go with Fantasy Crush Index or I suppose just Crush Index (though no offense to my excellent husband who is well aware that Tony Scheffler and Frank Gore are basically my fantasy heartthrobs). And speaking of Scheff, check out it out dude, you're on the "Risers" list here! Take that, naysayers!
  • If somehow, somewhere you are in a league that includes fantasy offensive linemen, please let me know. I'd love to hear about it. And if you are, you might be interested in Fantasy Football Traders' Offensive Line Positional Rankings.
  • I'll be honest, I had sort of forgotten about Accuscore, a really interesting and unique site, until one of you kind readers reminded me about it. Accuscore does game and player forecasting and I love it - check out The Truth About Week One, which also has full player forecasts linked on the right side. Good stuff.
Enjoy the weekend - I know I will! I'll probably jump out of bed on Sunday morning like it's Christmas and my birthday combined (yeah, I like apparently like present-giving holidays a lot...). Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Carson Palmer as my starting QB... this isn't going to be a good week One

brian said...

Still not into IDP. Maybe next year I'll try it.