Friday, September 12, 2008

Fitting for a Friday

I'm in good ol' northern Virginia now and am off to my sister's wedding dress fitting momentarily. A lot of you just went "huh?" with no clue or interest as to what a fitting is but basically I'll just be surrounded by lots of bridal attire for the next few hours. So I better get a quick post up before I enter the girly world of brides and such.

My post for the NY Times' Fifth Down is up: A Fantasy Football Consensus (the Nerd). If you're a regular here then you may have already seen a few of the links I mention but hopefully you'll find it helpful nonetheless.

There are countless start/sit sites available and I'm hoping to get more of those posted this afternoon. For now, check out the Mac Bros. Fantasy Football Forecast's Week 2 RB Rankings - a full 40 players with commentary and they've got this up for all positions.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on FF Nerd. Never heard of that one GREAT SITE!!! Keep up great work love your stuff!!