Monday, March 23, 2009

Baseball accuracy challenge and FF updates

I have thus far resisted the temptation to create a "25 Random Things About Me" kind of list on Facebook - in part due to a lack of time and energy but also I'm sure that other than a few random nuggets (i.e., I was kicked out of the Girl Scouts), most of my items wouldn't be a surprise to the majority of my Facebook friends - mostly though it's the pressure of summing myself up in 25 finite items that seems like a bit much. That said, I eagerly read my friends' "25 Things" lists and always feel like I learned something new (even one friend's "being married to my husband is very difficult" comment, which I really don't think is appropriate for the "25 Things" list) - but I officially enjoy me some "25 Things" lists. So you can imagine that I delighted in reading Matthew Berry's latest column, which interspersed some baseball facts with Berry's 25 Things.

Also on a baseball note, a press release went out to all FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) members about the 2009 Fantasy Baseball Projection Accuracy Challenge - along with and I will be comparing fantasy baseball experts' projected player statistics for a baseball version of the ranking the expert rankings.

Anyway, things are happening in the fantasy football world. Sure, not much since it is basically the absolute dead of the year for FF, but I do have a few things to pass along:

  • Rumors from Football Jabber that the NFL Draft might just move to February - hmm, that sure would mean less conjecturing and guessing in the lead up time, no?
  • For other reports on the annual NFL Meetings take a look at MMQB: No Cutler trade? Boldin-Cards deal? More whispers from NFL meetings. I'm digging this new confidence from Peter King that Cutler might just be a Bronco...
  • If you're a Redskins fan like many of my fellow native DCers, you might enjoy reading up on the team's needs in CBS Sports' Redskins needs: Money doesn't buy you everything. I know there are some who don't believe in the magic that is Clinton Portis, but I certainly do. I feel like we keep holding out breath, waiting for his awesomeness to come to its inevitable end, but the dude is a machine. Sure, the second half of 2008 wasn't so awesome but I guarantee he was probably still a pretty good bargain for Portis owners last year - and mark my words, he will be again this year.
  • The Fantasy Sharks present their first 2009 rankings in First fantasy rankings - QBs listing the top 32 quarterbacks. Look at the placement of Matt Ryan - love seeing him as a low-end no. 1 fantasy QB.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage nice lady. Now some owners are coming out saying moving the draft to February like Pro Football Weekly mentioned has not been discussed. It sure would throw a twist in there having free agency after the draft and possibly having the draft a couple weeks after the combine. Would put more importance on the combine since there would not be as much time for "Pro Days" that the players could do instead...which would be more action for NFL Network since their Combine has just become more important...hmmm...we may be on to something here.