Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl = Bittersweet

Obviously the Super Bowl is the culmination of a great season of football and so therefore it's pretty exciting. But it's bittersweet for me - and probably for you, too, if you're reading this (unless you're my friend, Emily, who dutifully checks this site frequently even though she has about zero interest in football). It's the end of the season, my football friends. I tried declaring at happy hour the other night that there is no such thing as the off season. Not sure anyone really bought that. But personally I will do what I can to bring football into your lives until August rolls around.

We'll start things off with some 2007 fantasy football draft player rankings:

CBS Sportsline's 2007 Draft Top 100 List

CBS Sportsline's 2007 Draft Rankings by Position

Fabiano's One Man's Mock Draft for 2007


Unknown said...

bee- i am sorry to see your season end but thank you for keeping me better informed about football than i have ever been! and congrats to the colts-loving crowd, but i just have one thing to say about next year: GO PATS!!!

jnb said...

Well, my brother just told me that they made the ESPN Fantasy Baseball pages go live this week, after lots of preparation on his part. You could always become a multi-sport fantasy athlete to pass the time...

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

jnet, you make an interesting point but sadly I never really developed a love for baseball like I did with football. Enjoy a game in the stadium? Absolutely. Follow the Rockies game by game? Just can't do it...we'll see what happens though.