Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Madness...in the NFL

It's Free Agency Time, baby. The first week is wrapping up and that keeper league of yours just might have felt the shifting winds. The 2007 season is at least theoretically underway and here's the news you need:

ESPN's Wilson among interesting restricted FAs

SI's Early Reviews Are In (top 10 likes & dislikes so far of FA)

Any fellow Broncos fan out there? Fanball's Oh Henry! Broncos Have a Back (note the fantasy impact rating at the end of the article, as with all fanball articles on FA deals)

Scout.com's Adam Caplan's Free Agency News Blog 2.0

Scout.com's Best Players Left in Free Agency - Offense

Need a little free agency Q&A to get your mind right? NFL.com's 2007 FA Q&A is here to help. [John Mackey photo from allposters.com]

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