Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 Fantasy Football Accuracy Rankings Contest!

The results are in! Take a look my article on The Fifth Down to read up on the top 15 fantasy football experts for overall accuracy with their preseason rankings for the 2010 season - as well as the top 10 sites at each position. I'll be back later today or tomorrow with some more thoughts on this contest, but here's an alphabetical list of all 50 participants. If you were part of the contest and want to know how you did or which players really helped or hurt you, just shoot me an e-mail.

Congrats to the Bruno Boys!

Accuracy analysis participants:
—4 For 4
—Ask the Commish
—The Big Lead
—Bruno Boys
— (both Dave Richard & Jamey Eisenberg)
—Draft Analyzer
—Draft Sharks
—Fantasy Football Geek Blog
—Fantasy Football Maniaxs
—Fantasy Football Sherpa
—Fantasy Football Toolbox
—Fantasy Football Trader
—Fantasy Football Xtreme
—Fantasy Insights
—Fantasy Mojo
—Fantasy Nation
—FFCalculator (ADP)
—Football Diehards
—Football Outsiders
—FOX Sports
—Hatty Waiver Wire Guru
—The Hazean
—The Huddle
—Junkyard Jake
—Lester’s Legends
—The Mac Bros
—Pigskin Addiction
—Pro Football Focus
—RealTime Fantasy Sports
—Sports Illustrated


Anonymous said...

any way that we could get this "in season"? By week 5 we would get a pretty good idea to who knows their stuff.

Mr Sobo said...

Who was the most accurate of the last few years? Did Yahoo win last year? Thank you for all of the great work.

Anonymous said...

I think your conclusion (that experts are not significantly different in predicitve ability) is off. Certainly, the way you choose to measure performance is going to introduce more randomness than a more rigorous approach. I.e., has shown how to measure experts in such a way that is at least somewhat predictive week-to-week and year-to-year. I don't mean to diminish the effort you put into this study, but I feel your commentary is misleading, and also ignores the far superior work that has been done by others.