Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Post-Super Bowl linkage

Oh it has been a long time, my fantasy football friends. I think I might have been blogging throughout the 2010 season purely on adrenaline - as loyal readers surely noticed, when the season ended my blogging here absolutely collapsed. While it did coincide with my return to work and getting our son set up in day care, it has also just been a much-needed time for refueling.

First, before I get a whole deeper into today's post, I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday, one of my favorite days of the year. A hearty congrats to Packers fans out there - job well done.

I owe you all a lot of thoughts on the annual accuracy contest, which are still forthcoming. Truth be told, the files for the analysis all live on my husband's laptop, which was unexpectedly stuck along with him in the midwest for several days last week during the ice/snow storm that completely ravaged his travel plans. Instead of a quick 36-hour trip, my husband was gone for 4 days and I have an even greater respect for single parents now. Four days alone with a 4-month-old, followed by a weekend of said baby battling his first cold and I'm basically a shell of my former self. Yesterday I was contemplating a George Costanza sleep-under-my-desk-at-work move but I don't think I have enough privacy for that one. So when I recover from this whirlwind week, I'll be sure to get more details your way. I hope to include the 2010 results in the aggregate analysis I've done to bring you a multi-year analysis by the end of February...in reality, that probably means you should look for it in March.

Now onto a few links...

  • KFFL.com is jumping into the 2011 NFL Draft prediction season with their 2011 NFL Mock Draft. Note, this isn't a fantasy mock draft but you'd be wise to stay hip to the actual draft particularly if you're in a keeper league of course. 
  • More NFL mock drafts from FFToolbox.com - they have a ton that are constantly being updated but I'll link you to their latest from Ben Standig. Or try The Hazean's 2011 NFL Mock Draft: Version 1.0.
  • More NFL stuff you really need to pay attention to? The talks between the players union and the NFL. Read up on the latest with the Fifth Down's look at Goddell's report at the Super Bowl.
  • Finally, I love offensive line analysis. Pretty much any article that looks at how offensive line play impacts fantasy football has me hook, line and sinker. So ProFootballFocus.com's Fantasy: Does Offensive Line Play Impact a Running Back's Performance? caught my attention. Read the articles for the details but I just find it hard to believe that o-line play really and truly has no impact on an RB's production. The study looked at 2008-2010 numbers in this analysis and I guess I'd be interested in whether or not this holds for a larger data set.


Unknown said...

No shout out to KissDaBaby (me) for winning the NFL.com league/?? haha

Great blog by the way. It helped me to a win and a 2nd place in two leagues this season. Keep up the good work.

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