Monday, April 04, 2011

Dabbling in fantasy baseball - and football links, too!

To you baseball fans out there, happy start of the baseball season. I've been blabbing on about how I'm going to provide baseball links here every once in awhile this year, and while baseball draft season has pretty much come and gone, I do hope some of these sites listed below will be of help during the season. I find many of these sites to be gems when it comes to football and can only assume they do a sterling job with baseball, too:

  • ESPN's fantasy baseball podcast - this is the time of year when Berry and Ravitz's podcasts start ringing throughout our apartment as my husband tunes in.
  • Lester' (Lester rocks the fantasy basketball scene, too, though at this point in the season that's probably more for you to store away for next year really...)
  • Fantasy Alarm's daily baseball blog, Rounding the Bases - lots of other content on the site like rankings, injury updates, player news, etc.
  • Baseball Monster - mentioned this one before but it's a stat lover's heaven.
  • One of my football faves, Razzball, has a ton of baseball content (in fact, I think that might have been their original sport of discussion? Razzballers, is that true?) and I'm sure this will be a site you visit over and over again as I did during football season.
  • FanGraphs is chock full of good stuff - scope out this RotoGraphs page for your classic fantasy articles (buy/sell advice, waiver wire suggestions, etc).
  • Finally, a link that came recommended to me by a fantasy baseball aficionado: Last Player Picked for ways to play with stats.

If you've got other suggestions, by all means, leave some links in the comments section.

But in the meantime, I'm going to carry on like nothing is going to change with the 2011 football season, that labor disputes and lockouts do not exist (those who want a season should check out Buffalo Wild Wings' Save Our Season petition via Facebook). Naive, perhaps, but doesn't everyone else here want to be ahead of the curve if/when the season is back on track? So on that note, let's get to some football links:
  • The Huddle's offseason content is freely available so I like to jump on it and link you over to these guys whenever that happens. Check out Tuvey's 2011 NFL Draft - Player Rankings. At least one of those rookies is going to have an impressive year and you ought to be informed about them for optimal drafting come August/September.
  • For the real beast of a look at rookies though, look no further than Matt Waldman's Rookie Scouting Portfolio. It isn't free and I don't normally link to pay resources, but this one is worth it if you're the type that really wants to know the rookies or needs a major edge in your dynasty league. Waldman is one of my favorite fantasy football writers (he writes for FootballGuys now) and brings countless hours of review to this massive, 740 page document. Amazing.
  • takes a stab at a mock draft - this one is a PPR (points per reception), 14-teamer.
  • Or roll on over to Razzball who has their Mock, mock 'till you drop (rounds 2 and 3 are also up so far) article - again, this is for a PPR league. 
  • Rotoworld's latest Offseason Low Down went up yesterday with notes from around the NFC North and East.
  • A couple of items from, who still wins the award for most offseason content that I've seen anywhere. Loving it. They've got a series of offensive depth chart reviews for each team in the league; this link takes you to my fav team, the Broncos but you can poke around the site from there to find other team write-ups. The other link for you is this piece that takes one approach to determining who the next breakout RB might be - see why you might want to get your Mike Goodson trigger finger ready.
  •'s Michael Fabiano answered some FF questions last week such as whether or not to keep Dez Bryant, when to draft Jermichael Finley, and the value of Sam Bradford.
  • There have been two more installments of's roundtable topics:
Finally, any time a librarian and sports are linked, I feel compelled to give my profession a little bit of love. Sure, this librarian turned prognosticator had some unconventional methodology in building her NCAA bracket, hey, she's the one basking in glory so far, my friends. Enjoy the championship game tonight!


LestersLegends said...

Thanks for the link love. Hopefully motherhood has been a breeze for everyone's favorite librarian.

Anonymous said... did not make the cut above and promisses not to take it personally :) Check us out though, got some great fantasy baseball content!

Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said... just capped their early fantasy football Dynasty Rankings and just issues their seven round 2011 NFL Mock Draft.