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Ramping up the 2012 fantasy football advice

Happy spring, my football friends. It has already hit 85 degrees several times here in east Tennessee, the Masters is over, and NFL Draft Day talk is really ramping up. Ahh, April, I do love you. I've got a handful of links for you today and hope to be back around on a more regular basis starting in the next few weeks.
  • As the 2012 season speculation begins,'s Who to Follow for Fantasy Football Advice on Twitter is a solid, helpful piece. You'll see some Rotoworld names but also some less mainstream dudes/chicks as well. Definitely found a few people here that I didn't know about, which is always a good thing.
  • Speaking of Rotoworld, Unfilled Voids scopes out the top 10 positions across the league that haven't yet been addressed yet (or have the Luck/RG3 speculation) and how exactly Rotoworld sees them fulfilling these needs. 
  • Last week Mike Clay from introduced a new stat: Average Depth of Target. Per Clay's article, it trumps yards-per-reception, yards-per-target, yards-after-catch, and any other pass catching stat you can think of. Interesting food for thought.
  • Matt Waldman is rolling out his annual look at incoming rookies for The Fifth Down, starting with RBs. I'm just going to link you to the main Fifth Down page since the Times is now limiting free articles even more, so I want you to land somewhere where you can scroll down and pick which rookie to read about.
  • takes a look at players who were able to produce with limited targets in 2011 in order to help in Identifying Breakout WRs. Good list here, prepare to see many of these names a lot this summer.
  • As we start to see more and more output from our favorite fantasy prognosticators, this is just a reminder that does an awesome job of gathering all the rankings out there and notes the date of posting so that you know just how recent those rankings are; that's crucial for this time of year. 
  • Smitty from is launching a new site, Draft Calc. It will launch on May 1st but until then the forum seems pretty active for those of you itching to chat about the 2012 draft or season. In fact, scope out 4 rounds of a mock draft that occurred on the forum.
  • On a mock draft note, I like how Dynasty Football Warehouse is creating a library (of course I dig it) of mock drafts they participated in so far this year with other experts in the industry. Keep building that list up, I say - should be an excellent resource. By the way, DFW is a new-to-me site and I would encourage any of you out there who have found an awesome site that I don't link to (or created an awesome site) to e-mail me the link to let me know. Eventually I'll read my e-mail and love sharing new sites with you FFLibrarian readers.
There are plenty of mock 2012 NFL Drafts out there (that's real draft, not fantasy draft) - are those of interest to you all? If so, let me know in the comments and I'll get some links up to those.

And an aside for those of you into fantasy baseball - is doing awesome stuff for baseball season. Two things I wanted to highlight are the My Playbook function which lets you import your teams (for free) and they tailor advice and news to fit your players. And of course their Articles page is right up my alley and everything is conveniently tagged and sorted by topics and sources. Good stuff.


Jaysports said…
Thanks for the support FF Librarian, we at Dynasty Football Warehouse really appreciate the shout-out.

Love your content and your expert projection rankings.

We will continue to strive to put out only the best FF content from Dynasty to Redraft to IDP. We publish daily articles and our rankings are updated monthly. We also have a top-notch community of knowledgeable members in our forums if you like to chat about all-things FF.

Thanks again,

Jaysports -
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