Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Let the experts confirm your fantasy thoughts

Our nearly 20-month-old son is totally a dangerophile. He started walking a little bit on the early side and pretty much from the second he became mobile I think he eagerly sought out every conceivable way of finding danger. I assumed he was just being an explorer like many little kiddos but secretly wondered if maybe he somehow acquired a stuntman gene. I definitely have calm-kid-envy when I see other kids peacefully playing on the floor and not seeking the highest possible surface from which to climb and then plunge I must say I felt a little bit validated when our son's daycare teachers reported that he is an absolute daredevil at school. It's always nice when an expert can confirm your suspicions and it's no different with fantasy football. Do you have some thoughts about who might be a sleeper or bust this year? Or are you starting to create your own 2012 rankings even? Take a look at what the experts are thinking about the 2012 season at this early date and see how it all meshes with your own thoughts.

  •'s Michael Fabiano complies another one-man mock draft that goes through round 5. Some interesting things here with so much more positional variety in the first round than we've seen in past years. And of course the whole Gronk thing going so high this year. 
  • Speaking of more mocks and more interesting Gronkowski tidbits, find out which TE John Hansen took ahead of Gronkowski in his First Mock Draft of 2012 where you can see his picks in a 15-round, PPR, 14-team league.
  • I've got a couple of articles that look specifically at IDPs:
  • For a focus on this year's rookies and who you should keep an eye on, read's Identifying Impact Rookies.
  • The Fake Football advises you take a second look at Matt Ryan and open your eyes to all of the potential he has this season in Matt Ryan, Fantasy Breakout Player.
  • Onto rankings: