Thursday, April 02, 2015

And your 2015 fantasy football prep begins!

Welcome to April, fantasy footballers. NFL fans everywhere are counting down the days until the draft at the end of the month, and that means it's time for you, my friends, to start your 2015 fantasy football prep.

It's been another quiet offseason here at FFLibrarian but I hope to start ramping things up soon. All is well in my world - my boys are 4.5 and 1.5 and have proven to be delightful little people the majority of the time. My oldest went through a phase of constantly wearing football jerseys last summer and apparently he's busting that fashion statement back out this spring. Seriously, no encouragement on my part but it certainly puts a huge smile on my face to see him showing some football love. My little one, meanwhile, seems to possess a particular fascination with basketball.

A very belated congrats to Patriots fans. Over Super Bowl weekend, our family was up in Boston visiting my sister (and of course it snowed. and then snowed again.) and it was fun to enjoy the game from within the winning city and hear the revelers from outside our hotel room that night.

I'll be posting regularly this year, as will some of my trusty guest writers from last season: Bob, Mike, Jen, and Steve. If anyone else out there is eager to make an occasional contribution to the blog, shoot me an e-mail and we'll talk.

So. Who wants some offseason fantasy football content? Thought so. Read on!

  • offers up a ranking of the top 25 players in their 2015 Dynasty Rookie Rankings, with all players divided into 4 tiers. Each player has a write-up and a current NFL player comparison. 
  • A little something else for those of you in dynasty leagues: Fantasy Football Couch Coach's Stash or Sell: Part I and Part 2.
  • I think many of you know that I spent years analyzing preseason fantasy football rankings to determine which FF expert is the most accurate. So I was of course delighted to see Fantasy Football Analytics' Who Has the Best Fantasy Football Projections? 2015 Update. And to make things even better, take a look at FFA's customizable app (note, this is if course still using 2014 numbers) that lets you create projections that are specific to your fantasy football league's settings. I will certainly be linking to the 2015 version of this when it's available.
  • Never too early to start talking draft strategy, right? has some free content rolling around their site right now, which is always something to take advantage of when possible, so read up on Are Early Round Receivers Safer Than Running Backs?
  • Finally, has their first cheatsheet of the season up - their Top 150 Cheat Sheet includes several sentences on each player, which is just so dreamy to see so much content to mull over.


Unknown said...

Wow! Awesome blog! I'm just getting into the space, and I like all your hyperlinking! Your link to 4for4 was a really good article. I look forward to reading your blog as the season unfolds!

Fantasy Football Foxhole said...

Just read through some of last year's posts as well as this one. Very entertaining to read. I do, like everyone else, look at the "experts" sites for advice and your links were helpful. I, however, like to see how the regular folks like me make their decisions. Your insight is valuable as well.

Isaac said...

Thanks, FFLibrarian, for linking to our projections at Fantasy Football Analytics. We just released our 2015 projections:


Alden Zavier said...

I will always wait for the latest posts from this blog... by Kiblat Sport & ISBOLA

Anonymous said...

Hi Alden, heads up that your fantasy football can get a national ranking and league wide prizes from Leagues hosted on espn, cbs, and yahoo can enter.

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