Sunday, November 26, 2006

Double or Nothing

The Pats came into this week's game without having beaten a winning team this season. I believed in the Bears - and perhaps the strength of the NFC - a little too much. I should've listened to SI's Dr. Z and his forecast for the week. (Yes, I am referring to an actual paper resource for fantasy - unless of course you've gone to the trouble of putting your subscriber info into SI's site and you are exclusive enough to read the online version.) Or perhaps I should've just listened to Pete and Katie: one hardcore lifelong Pats fan and one New Englandish transplant sister of mine - I made a wager with them at halftime of the Bears/NE game that the Bears would win. And the Bears and I both lost. Humble pie for me. While I really needed Brady to crash and burn for playoff reasons, all hope is not lost yet. Lucky for Pete and Katie, I won't go nuts like this guy did, but I am definitely liking the sounds of double or nothing. Wait, against Detroit? Hmm, well crazier things have happened. Like a near Oakland upset? That would've thrown the AFC West into a tailspin.

Congrats, Pete & Katie.

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