Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sit/Start Week 9

Here we are with just one more full day before football begins again. My beloved Wildcats take on Iowa followed by Ohio State next weekend. It won't be pretty. I've come to terms with the fact that Northwestern is going through yet another rebuilding year and that there won't be any surprise wins (even though beating the Buckeyes would make my season). In fact, one of my friends even referred to my reaction to NU's loss to Michigan as mature. I call it giving up. So instead I'm putting all of my football energy for the weekend in my fantasy teams. This is particularly true since I am playing my nemesis in one of my leagues (no, not my husband). Perhaps I'm alone in this but every season I seem to develop one particular nemesis that I just really want to beat. And beat badly. Usually it's because they say asinine things on the message board or smack talk in a really irritating way. I've been known to mutter their team name under my breath during draft time or just be pissed off that they won even if it has no real bearing on my own record. In most cases (this one included), my nemesis is a decent guy in life outside of FF. But that's not the world I live in on Sundays.

So in honor of beating a nemesis, see below for some sit/start sites. As always, I will update the links as they go live. And never fear, my analysis of which sit/start sites were the most accurate will return. I've taken a couple of bye weeks.

NFL Start 'em Sit 'em
Fantasy Sharks Start-Bench List
SI Start 'em Sit 'em
Fantasy Football Docs Bench/Start
Ask the Commish
CBS Sportsline Start 'em Sit 'em
Coach Box's Wheelock's Start/Bench Recommendations
NFL Freaks Start-Bench List
ProFantasySports Start 'em Bench 'em

Also, many thanks to Dave from SportsBlogging for writing up a review of this blog. Check out his site to find some great blogs on all sorts of sports...not just football. Who knew there was more to the sports world??

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