Friday, May 11, 2007

Football on my mind

I gave a presentation this week at work and had to illustrate a search in our library's online catalog - what term came to my mind immediately? Football. I'm sure the room full of librarians listening to me probably would've preferred a search on gardening or knitting or cats (not that I have anything against any of those things; I adore my own 2 cats). I'm basing this on the chuckles that arose when I said, "Now since I'm sure you are all as excited about football season as I am..." as I entered in my football search. If only there were more football fans here...

But back to the real deal. You're longing for more assessment of the draft, aren't you? Thinking of staking out some mini-camps to get insider fantasy news [photo: The Plain Dealer/AP]? A few articles to keep your post-draft momentum going:

CBS Sportsline's 5 Who Thrived: Picking the Offseason Winners's Seahawks dropped the ball in Jackson trade

And oh you say you want more football? But perhaps you want it abroad? No prob - Fox's NFL may expand to 17 games

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