Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Take me to another land

It's official, friends, I'm moving to Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition to having a kickass department at UT for my husband to teach in, Knoxville is also my husband's hometown, meaning it's chock full of family members. What more could I want than to surround our son with loving family members? Plus, don't get me started on the incredible cost of living there as compared to NYC. While there are plenty of things that I'll miss about New York and just the urban lifestyle in general, I knew we were never here for the long haul and I'm looking forward to this next chapter. I'm taking suggestions for awesome things to do in Knoxville...

Lots of content for you today, much of it focusing on the NFL Draft. Before I jump into football though, I'd love to know if any of you would like a baseball-focused post. While I don't play fantasy baseball, I can certainly get up one post of helpful resources (like Baseball Monster, one of my husband's favorites) - so leave a comment or send me an e-mail if you're interested. By the way, The Hazean just rolled out his first fantasy baseball articles, so scope out the Crowding the Plate series.


Andrew F said...

Please post something on fantasy baseball! It would be tremendously helpful.

ieeewok said...

Would love a post with help ffbaseball resources. Thanks for all you do, have a safe move to Tennessee.

Ryan Hallam said...

Congratulations Sara on the big move! Hope you don't mind me plugging the site but......

If you guys want fantasy baseball head on over to we have an awesome draft kit with position rankings, sleepers, free agents, closers, injuries, and a spring training blog!



Philip said...

Greetings from a reader in Knoxville!

Anonymous said...

Weird. I moved from NYC to Knoxville when I was four years old. It worked out for me. Good luck!

I stopped by here, to see if you were saying anything about fantasy baseball. I guess that's not your bag.

Anonymous said...

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PawPaw said...

Even though by virtue of marrying of Knoxville Knative you have had a head start on learning our mountain ways, consider the following:

1. Learn the words to Rocky Top. Practice the WHOOOOOOOO.

2. Get some Big Orange tinted contact lenses until you can naturally see EVERYTHING through the UT perspective.

3. Understand that Neyland (nee'-lund) Stadium is the largest outdoor church in the SEC.

4. Work on developing a real hatred for Alabama.

5. Buy a Peyton Manning doll to go into the Peyton Manning Shrine that is to be prominently displayed in your living room. (hey, I have an Archie Manning Shrine in my home...Hotty Toddy, Gosh A'mighty, who in the Hell are we? Flim flam, Bim bam, Ole Miss, by Damn!)

6. If you ever come through the Tri-Cities area or if you want tickets to get into the largest outdoor church in TN (Bristol Motor Speedway), give me a shout.

Seriously, best of luck and be safe. This is a wonderful area in which to live.

Anonymous said...

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