Friday, January 06, 2012

Pulling for a Broncos victory

My husband is out of town for an economics conference in Chicago this weekend and just realized that he'll be flying home during the end of the games on Sunday. Sad for him. I'm planning on putting my son to bed for the night by 4:30 on Sunday so that I don't miss a second of what I assume will be a brilliant Broncos victory. Kidding, kidding, my son wouldn't go for that...and perhaps a Broncos victory isn't in the cards. But we shall see! A Bronco fan can hope, can't she?!

  • A few more rankings and musings for the playoffs:
  • I can't get enough of seasonal analysis, especially comparing how players did at season's end to how they were predicted to do. examines this year's QBs in 2011 Quarterback ADP vs Reality and reminds us all yet again what a great grab Cam Newton was...and how on target Brady's ADP was.
  • If you truly can't get enough of analyzing football data then you'll want to head on over to Advanced NFL's 2011 Regular Season Play-by-Play Data.
  • In a look ahead to 2012, is rolling out their 2012 NFL Mock Drafts Database. Not fantasy mocks, mind you, but in the offseason this will seem like a juicy steak for the fantasy-starved.
  • In Free agents on the move, reviews some of the key free agents and what the most likely scenario will be for the 2012 season for each player, including a note on their 2012 fantasy value.


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Broncos Believer said...

As a fan, I'm hoping AND believing! I hope you're right about the win on Sunday. We need more believers to spread some positivity for the team with the #bel15ver tag and