Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Turning our thoughts to free agency

Please pardon my disappearance here over the past few weeks - I did a classic post-fantasy-season collapse. Turns out I'm running on fumes by the time January is here and I've taken the past few weeks off to enjoy a little down time that includes absolutely no blogging whatsoever. Down time is at a premium with a kiddo in the house and of course I need to spend my spare time marveling over the pure brilliancy of our son and then cleaning the floor beneath his highchair for the thousandth time. But now, back to blogging. I should be around a little less often during the offseason, especially during the month of February, but rest assured I'll be here sending you links to all of the quality offseason material being published.

On a rather personal note, I've spent some time taking better care of myself this winter and scheduling long overdue doctors visits. One such visit was to a dermatologist since I'm of the pale-and-burns-often variety, and I've been telling myself to get a skin/mole check for years now. I finally went and lo and behold there's a severely dysplastic mole (has a tendency to turn to melanoma) hanging out on my calf; the mole and surrounding area are being removed later this week (with a football-shaped incision!) and like any good librarian I've done my research and feel like this is a very minor deal, but for the first hour or two before I got the info I needed, it felt like quite the gut punch. I'm now strongly encouraging my loved ones to hit up the dermatologist and since you all are my football family of sorts, I suggest you to do the same if you can. I'm sure there are plenty of health measures to be taken and doctors to be seen for us all, and isn't it always better to have minor issues be the worst of your health problems?

I've got a handful of links for you today and I'm sure there will be more churning out as we get closer to free agency, which begins in a little over a month on March 13.


Anonymous said...

Librarian, do you have any recommendations for fantasy baseball? Would love to find a baseball version of your blog! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

3 weeks without a post?!!?! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....