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Fantasy football reawakening

I need to reawaken the fantasy football beast within me. Yup, that's right, the beast. For whatever reason, I've been slow to get going this season and have few excuses other than a case of the May Travel Bug (seriously, every year we seem to be out of town for at least 3 weekends in May; what's up with the month of May?). We've been all around the south and up to Ohio, spending time with family and old friends. Things I've learned recently include the following: 1) The older I get, the less I dance at weddings. This is a shame. 2) 6 hours in the car with a toddler can be about as fun as it sounds. 3) But an inaugural trip to the aquarium with that same little dude can be so awesome. Loved watching him take it all in, calling out, "fish! fish!" 4) In preparing for the fantasy football season, personally I feel far more at ease coming up with busts rather than sleepers in the fantasy football world. Stay tuned on that last nugget in the next few weeks as I may have more to report on in the sleeper/bust realm.

But for now, there's plenty to link you out to now that OTAs have begun and June has arrived. Time to crank it up into high gear my friends. If there's anything you're looking for in particular, send me an e-mail and I promise to eventually read and respond. Even if it takes a few weeks. Or even longer (hey, at least I'm cringing as I type that).


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With my library conferences behind me (for a few weeks at least), I can now concentrate on fantasy football again. If you happen to be a librarian and are interested in how my co-presenter and I tied together fantasy football and information literacy, check out my co-presenter’s blog . Though I imagine most of you would much rather catch up on the following football news and thoughts for the week: I remain a bit dazed and confused by my certainty last summer that Cedric Benson was going to rock my RB2 world in 2007. Didn’t happen and now he’s moved onto ankle surgery, alleged intoxication and resisting arrest on boats. Awesome. You can practically taste Matt Forte’s value skyrocketing here. In fact, wondering about rookie RBs in general? Well then check out FF Xtreme’s The Day After: Ranking the Rookie Running Backs . I love reading articles or stats that challenge my preconceived notions – The Fifth Down’s Chad the Completion Percentage Machine does just that. No offense to thos

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