Monday, October 15, 2012

Back on the FF grid

Greetings, long lost fantasy football friends. I went off the grid there for a bit - my family took a vacation back to Colorado where my husband and I used to live, and I kept thinking I'd have a moment to get a post up...but things got hectic. We stayed in this awesome cottage in Boulder that had pretty limited internet access so honestly, not sure I would've been super helpful last week anyway. I got desperate messages from my sister on Sunday that her team was in dire straits so hopefully I didn't leave anyone in the lurch here other than my sis.

I'm attempting to enjoy this MNF game but the Broncos' miserable play thus far is making it difficult. Oh wait, hey, there's another SD touchdown. Ouch. I think it's time to pepper in a few links.

Finally, totally off topic but if you happen to be traveling with a toddler soon and are sweating it, shoot me an e-mail. We have taken 3 flights with our son over the past 2 months and have found a few successful toys/tips, and while we seem to always have our moments of misery, all in all things have gone well flying with our little dude. Would be happy to pass on any suggestions.