Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Get prepped for your draft

Whoa. August, you rocked me. We had a lot going on in our world: the start of Kindergarten, travel, hand/foot/mouth disease combined with a stomach bug (don't get me started on that one...), potty training, and the loss of my 97-year-old grandma who was a strong and lovely woman. It has been a full month with some trying times, but also some really amazing moments together. Either way, I'm ready for things to calm down a bit...but it's football season, no time for calm! My 5-year-old son is freaking out about the start of football time in Tennessee (1 day!) and we're in negotiations for creating an entire meal for him that's orange in honor of the UT Vols. And I'm freaking out - Trevor Siemian is starting for the Broncos (my alma mater and favorite pro team mishmashing together)! Even if it doesn't last for long (see Rotoworld's line of thinking on the Broncos QB situation here), I'll take it.

I'm drafting tonight in my FFLibrarian Monster League and am feeling woefully unprepared. Here's hoping you all have been more on the ball than I have this preseason, but perhaps what we all need are a ton of links to get the fantasy brain rolling. Or FantasyPros' Draft Wizard, which I will employ tonight, no doubt.

  • Auction leaguers, take a look at what FFToday pulled together in recapping their expert auction draft - The Art of the Auction.
  • suggests Top 39 free fantasy football draft tools you must use in 2016 - some really good stuff here, and a lot of tools remain useful during the season, too: strength of schedule, FantasyRundown's links, podcasts, trade raters,'s daily e-mail, etc. Let's add FFLibrarian and make it an even 40.


kate reymann said...

Kindergarten! Congratulations!! I am so sorry about your grandmother - my 96 year old grandmother passed away last year. She was pretty amazing and loved Tony Romo.

Thank you for the links! I draft tomorrow and I have to set it to auto-pick (cue the music of doom) so this will be helpful in getting some players lined up.

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