Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fantasy link roundup

Earlier this week I celebrated my 33rd birthday and in a few days I'll be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary. It occurred to me that I've been married for about as long as I've been doing this blog (which I started in September 2006). Coincidence? Possibly, though I do have my husband to thank for getting me into the fantasy football world in the first place. So perhaps we'll be cheers-ing both ourselves and FFLibrarian this weekend. With candy and iron of course, the traditional 6th year anniversary gifts.

  • For starters, Yahoo's First Down: Shoddy Roddy, Martin mystique, and Lions unleashed...sort of is a nice recap of some recent news items.
  • This time of year you can access a lot of quality material on for is absolutely worth your time to peruse FBG while you can. Take a look at their Redraft Quarterback Rankings for starters - you can manipulate the rankings as you please and note that there is commentary on some of the players where the ranking itself is hyperlinked.
  • Speaking of, I've been meaning to pull together a list of favorite podcasts for you all but since I was on the FBG website, I thought I could at least point you all to The Audible if you haven't already been listening to it. Scope it out for weekly insights brought to you podcast style. I always like to hear which podcasts you guys listen to the most, too - feel free to leave a note in the comments if you have a favorite. 
  • Now getting back to rankings that are freely available still, take a look at's positional Cheat Sheets - this one links out to their RBs.
  • For those of you who are planning a rookies-only draft at some point this summer, take a look at the outcome of a fantasy experts mock reviewed by Fantasy Knuckleheads - it's just 2 rounds but should give you a good idea of the ordering of the top rookies right now.
  • FootballandBrackets has been looking at players that seem to be shifting in the rankings these days - take a look at Risers and Fallers - WRs and TEs or head back a few days to QBs and RBs.
  • There are many mysteries in fantasy football, several situations that even the brightest and wisest of fantasy experts just won't be able to predict. But why not give it a stab and see what Dynasty League Football sees in store for the Patriots' backfield in Patriot Games: Vereen, Ridley, or none of the above?
  • Gotta love a statistically-based projection...well, I at least find it rather appealing. Don't get me wrong, gut/vision/instinct all play a roll in establishing projections as well but the numbers nerd in me likes seeing this evolving series from 
  • has now published their 2012 Draft Kit. Rankings, projections, sleepers, busts, etc. Voila!


Unknown said...

good stuff as always!

Anonymous said...


Thanks very much for the links today and the one on Monday as well. My hits have gone up significantly. I hope that you and your readers stick around and read some of my other posts as well. I have one coming out that may not make one of your posts because it's not serious, but I'm doing something on the best Movie and TV football players of all-time. It's been fun to start and should finish it later this week.


Roger Gooselips said...

great job as always,

My favorite podcast is The Audible from FBG's, I also like the Shutdown Corner podcast whenever Greg Cosell is on it.

peterplaysbass said...

love love love the FBG stuff. i churn their projections through many custom excel exercises to get a feel for how i'll approach fantasy this year.

Unknown said...

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