Monday, August 10, 2015

Comeback player of the year thoughts

Happy post-Hall of Fame Game. Always a signal that things are really starting to ramp up for the year. Today's post is from guest writer Bob who takes a look at some candidates for NFL comeback player of the year and why you might want to keep your eye on them from a fantasy standpoint. Enjoy!

Comeback player of the year candidates are my favorite sleepers when it comes to Fantasy Football. These players are often overlooked as ‘sleepers’ so they can be a sneaky draft pick in later rounds or a value pick in early rounds. Sometimes people simply forget about them because they didn’t put up any stats the previous year and go unnoticed or not included in cheatsheets. That’s one of my favorite reasons to make sure that I have identified potential comeback candidates. The second biggest reason is that, unlike a sleeper, if they do perform, they usually do it in style, which means a lot of fantasy points for a late round pick. 

Comeback players fall into about three categories:

  • injured the previous year
  • traded player that makes good on new team
  • player who just had a very bad previous year usually due to bad supporting cast or coach

One unusual situation this year is one player is coming back from a year-long suspension (AP). 

Some this year are obvious, like Adrian Petersen and Carson Palmer. And a lot of people are predicting good things with Nick Foles and Sam Bradford. But this is fertile territory for defensive players. That’s good news for the IDP players. Even though a defensive player has only won the actual title once over the years, there’s still wisdom in knowing which ones might make a big comeback at their position.

Here are some sites that take a dive into predicting some of 2015’s candidates.

So who do we like for later rounds? Keep an eye on Marvin Jones…

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