Thursday, August 20, 2015

New projections/rankings and other links for 2015

So our backyard is this epic mud pit right now. We have a fairly steep slope back there that has always been a bit of an enigma for us, so when we learned that we had to replace some sewer lines a few weeks ago, my head hurt just thinking about the implications on many levels. The plumbing work involved tearing up our backyard and a digger that needed to be hauled off our back slope with chains since it was stuck in the muck (much to our sons' delight). What used to be a haven for kudzu and ivy is now just a steep slope of dirt and random debris that has been uncovered in our yard. It's a mess on days like today when it has been raining - a hideous mess - but it's really just a blank slate, right? Right?! This is kind of how I feel about my dynasty team, too, which went 6-8 last year and was just in a sad state at the end of the year. Now there's work to be done! Teams and yards to be refurbished! So on that note, let's get to today's links:

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