Monday, October 27, 2014

Streaming Defenses: Week 9

Greetings and hope you all are enjoying some Monday Night Football. Bob is back with some more streaming defense brilliance - seriously, the guy was a soothsayer last week and I hope you all reaped the benefits. Read on for ideas for Week 9.

Hello fellow streamers!  How did it go last week? Well, if you followed the FFLibrarian advice last week, you probably did pretty well.  In fact, you couldn’t have gone wrong with the four recommendations.  All four did remarkably well.  Using Fantasy Shark League scoring: Miami put up 26 points, Bill 20, Vikings 22, and Browns with a respectable 13.  I’m pretty sure Miami helped many of you win your match up this week.

Now how do I follow up that kind of sorcery?  The answer is that I probably won’t.  That was a remarkable week, and this week is very scary for defenses with 6 byes, and some big matchups.  So temper your expectations, but I think there are some jewels out there this week.

To begin, I want to further expand on the Streaming strategy.  Recommendations for Streamers intentionally leave out top defenses that are considered every week starts.  For instance, at this point, I can’t recommend the Lions or Houston, because they are just really, really good. And you would be foolish to stream instead of starting them unless there is a particularly bad match up.  Also, recommendations will not include teams that are owned in over 70% of leagues.  Obviously, they won’t be available most of the time.  So the streamers I list are teams to pick up if you don’t have an obvious starting DEF or no chance to pick them up on the waiver wire.  So, with that, here’s this week’s best available streamers….

At this point, I’m still targeting the four following teams to start against:  JAC, OAK, TB, NYJ.
This week I want to look at the top-owned teams and see how they might fair this week.  Here they are…

Note: Proj is from Yahoo, Pts Rank is from MyFantasyLeague, Owned is from Yahoo.

Seattle is going to kill OAK so don’t hesitate if you have them.  This will be your reward for holding on to them this long.  HOU you still start them but they won’t put up big numbers, same with their opponent PHI.  SF has a good match and you start them.  But DET and BUF and are BYEs, so you’ll need a replacement.  And I’d stay away from the DEN/NE matchup, the points are going to fly there in the marquee matchup of the week. MIA and BUF are only owned this high due to last week’s pickups from last week recommendations.  BUF is on a BYE and MIA has a really bad matchup.  And I don’t know what to say about IND!!!  ARI has a tough matchup too, so temper expectations. So there are five highly owned teams that need to make a change and pick up a team that will help them out this week:  DET, BUF, NE, DEN, and MIA.  That’s a tough week to be sure.

But look who CIN is playing.  And since they’re owned in only 66% of leagues, they qualify as the number one Streaming DEF this week.  Projected, 16 points.

Second best streamer this week is KC.  They are playing the Jets, who gave up 20 DEF points to BUF last week, ouch.  KC is only owned in 58% of leagues.  Don’t hesitate and pick them up.  Projected, 14 points.

Third best streamer this week, is CLE.  They make the list for the second week in a row.  They are playing the vulnerable TB this week and they’re home.  So go ahead and hit that waiver button and expect 12 points for your efforts.

Now the picks get a bit murkier.  I’m not big on the next two, but if you don’t have any better choices than the above here’s a couple of fliers…

MIN had a great week last week, but they were playing TB and as expected put up big numbers.  But this week they have WAS.  I would like to see how WAS does tonight before making a call.  But since we are committing to getting this out during the game, I’m going to go out on a limb and put MIN as the 4th best pickup.  WAS has a new QB, although he has past experience and a pretty good start last week, I think MIN can give him problems in MIN as the 7th points ranked DEF this year so far.  So MIN is a flier as the 4th best pickup.  Projected points, 10 plus upside.

Finally, who to pick up as the 5th best?  I only include this because there are five teams that need replacement out of the top 12 highest owned DEFs this week.  And if I were forced to pick one, I’d get PIT.  They haven’t been very consistent, but they just got 14 points against an offensive juggernaut.  They only got 2 points against BAL in week 2, but they are home this week, and their defense has improved.  So if I had to pick, I’d take PIT, and expect around 10 points.

There you have it, three great picks and two fliers.  Don’t kill the messenger if the fliers don’t work out…


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