Thursday, December 04, 2014

Data crunching for the playoffs

Greetings fantasy footballers. Hope you all have been slowly getting back into your groove after the holiday weekend. I've got some serious holiday excitement building up in our house as our 4-year-old has totally and completely bought into this one-of-Santa's-elves-came-down-from-the-North-Pole-to-bring-you-a-tiny-gift-in-your-advent-calendar-each-day thing that we're doing in our house. This was initiated by my mom and she supplies all the little gifts (we're talking stickers, candy canes, dollar store type stuff here) and my only job is to remember to put the gift in the advent calendar the night before. Easy enough but last night? Totally forgot. So this morning, my older son goes running downstairs to open up December 4th's door and while I'm changing his little brother, I hear screeches from downstairs about how the elf forgot to bring him something. $!%#. I think I played it off well enough by telling him the elf left me a note that the gift was too heavy for him to carry and could I get it for him in the morning....right, right. Bets on how long it will take before I fail at this? And specific suggestions on how to conclude this gift bonanza with a lesson in giving to the less fortunate? Am hoping to raise a boy of generous spirit here.

Anyway, I've got some general playoffs prep and specific Week 14 prep for you this morning. Later today I think we'll have some start/sit links for you, too, so come on back for more.

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