Saturday, December 06, 2014

Start/sit links and consensus for Week 14

It's Saturday night and I'm finally getting a chance to get guest writer Steve's post your way - the weekends are kind of always like this for me, just shuttling through the chaos until our kiddos hit bedtime. But Steve has got you covered with start/sit for Week 14. Bring it your best, fantasy friends. 

I tend to overthink things a lot. It’s a blessing and a curse. Sometimes deep thought is definitely necessary in life. But when you think about things too much, you tend to get to that point where you can convince yourself of anything. In reality, as in fantasy, firm, confident decisions are what matter. I can make the case for Minnesota’s defense all day long and still wind up playing St. Louis instead. I’ll make myself go crazy trying to figure out how each game is going to play out. Maybe the Jets are going to run the ball like crazy again, leaving not a lot of opportunities for turnovers. The Rams have been more consistent though and Washington has given defenses a lot of points. Yeah but Colt McCoy is at QB now and he has shown some flare when he has played. Plus the Vikings are at home while the Rams are on the road. Also… Geno Smith. But maybe it’s a trap game like Oakland/KC a few weeks ago and the Jets lash out like the battered, abused dog they have been this season. Maybe they win this one for the gipper.

In the end, though, you have to make a decision and stand by it. You know what you’re doing, you know your team, you know your opponent and your league’s scoring. You’re trying to predict the future; obviously, a lot of luck is involved. I’d rather be lucky than good.

And now, a list of some clich├ęs, just as a matter of good form in the first win-or-go-home playoff week of the 2014 fantasy season:

Don’t get cute.
Play your studs.
Go with who got you there.
Don’t overthink it.
Go with your gut.
Minimize risk.
Don’t be afraid to plan ahead.
One game at a time.
Give yourself the best chance to win.
Now is not the time to risk taking chances.
I’d rather be lucky than good.

Without further ado, for your clicking pleasure, your guide to Round 2:

Roto Arcade’s Flames and Lames

Bruno Boys Start & Sit (goes to QB Start)

FF Toolbox Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em

Consensus guys:

QB Start: Russel Wilson, Ryan Tannehill

QB Sit: Mark Sanchez, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton

RB Start: Frank Gore, Mark Ingram, Andre Williams (by proxy of Rashad Jennings), Isaiah Crowell, Justin Forsett

RB Sit: Doug Martin, Lamar Miller, Jets RBs, Ryan Mathews

WR Start: Kenny Stills, Mike Wallace, O’Dell Beckham Jr, Kelvin Benjamin

WR Sit: Martavis Bryant, Sammy Watkins, Jeremy Maclin,

TE Start: Kyle Rudolph, Jordan Reed

TE Sit: Owen Daniels, Mychal Rivera

Bob has done the yeoman’s work on streaming defenses (and even he had trouble deciding between the Vikings and the Rams), so listen to what he has to say. Or don’t, it’s not like pride, respect, bragging rights or money are on the line here.

We don’t play for the consolation bracket or for 3rd place. If it’s championship or bust, start acting like it. Be active on the waiver wire. Do twice as much research than the regular season. Here’s hoping you’re reading this same article come next week.

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