Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Waiver Wire Advice: Week 16

And here's your second post of the night: Mike's waiver wire suggestions for this fantasy super bowl week. If any of you are playing in Week 17 and are interested in getting more links for lineup help next week, leave a comment so that I can pull something together for you!

Here we are in the final week (for most people) of fantasy football for 2014. We’ve been through four months of draft research, hand-wringing over starting lineup decisions, waiver wire analysis, frustration and elation. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the process, because we all do this for fun, right? 

I hope that you don’t have to go to the waiver wire this week for a starter in your finals, because the wire isn’t pretty this week, but let’s take a closer look at a couple developing situations.

DeMarco Murray has led many a fantasy team to the finals this season. It was revealed yesterday that he had surgery for a broken hand. Early reports indicate Murray will play through the injury, but if you have Murray (or even if you don’t), it’s vital that you try to get Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar on your roster. There is no next week, so drop any player that you won’t be using this week, get Randle and Dunbar on your team, and monitor the situation this week. I’d expect Randle to have the primary role if Murray is out, but Dunbar’s role should be fairly significant even if Murray plays, as Murray’s ability to catch will likely be hampered.

If you’re desperate at QB, you could do worse than Robert Griffin III versus Philadelphia this week. The Eagles will surely be piling up points quickly against the putrid Redskins defense, so it will be on RGIII to try and keep pace. He looked a bit more spry in his appearance last week, and the Eagles have a very suspect pass defense. Hopefully you have safer options, but RGIII is a high-upside desperation play. Oh and if Mark Sanchez is available in your league, I’d consider playing him over all but the top-tier QBs.

This will be my last waiver article of the season. Thanks to everyone who everyone who took the time to read, and hopefully it helped you out at some point during the season. Best of luck to everyone in the finals.

On to the links…..
NikBonaddio from Numberfire notes that Frank Gore may be out this week, and recommends taking a look at Carlos Hyde.
Brad Evans of Yahoo likes RGIII’s chances of putting up big numbers this week.
Adam Levitan from Rotoworld likes Harry Douglas and Malcom Floyd as WR additions
Christopher Harris from ESPN suggests adding Joseph Randle and Carlos Hyde, and has some speculative finds for those playing in Week 17.
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