Thursday, October 01, 2015

Happy start and sit links to you!

Yesterday my oldest son turned five (!) and tomorrow my other son turns two (this feels more believable since we are deep into the I-am-2 attitude already); today is my reprieve from the birthday storm. I adore birthdays. And I adore my boys. But Lord help us if we ever make the dubious decision to add another human to this family (dubious only due to my sanity levels, which would surely plummet; those of you with many kids leave me awestruck), that person will not, not, not have a birthday this week. It makes for a lot of intensity in our house with all of the presents, friends, celebrations, songs, and just up/down emotions (last night, putting oldest son to bed, "Mommy, I'm so sad. My birthday is over."). But can I just tell you all what an amazing set of kids I have? I know every parent feels this way, but watch out, because they are incredible little people. 

Back to football though, I can stop waxing on about what a great addition to humanity my kids are/will be...let's get some Week 4 prep going:

Also, if you love links like I obviously do and want more, just a reminder to head over to Fantasy Rundown for a ton of options - they update daily and have a whole page devoted to weekly rankings