Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Small victories and the waiver wire

So our five-year-old son eats basically the same 10 foods over and over and over again. Which means I periodically get inspired to incorporate more variety into his diet. Easier said than done says every parent of a picky eater. But get this: last week I got the boy to try broccoli and like it. You can hail me a genius, I'll take it. I got all Pinterest-y on my family, made a lovely display of green foods, and told everyone we were doing a rainbow food challenge starting with the color green. Everyone had to take at least one teeny bit of the green foods I picked out, which were mostly fruits and vegetables but included green m&ms, too, since I needed a little buy-in from the kid. We rated everything with a smiley, neutral, or sad face and BAM: he tried everything. Broccoli and celery even received the elusive smiley face. Victory. There aren't many food victories in my house so I take them when I can get them.

Same goes with my victories on the fantasy football landscape this season - they are just few and far between, my friends. We all have off years and this is most definitely not my year. For example, I snagged some solid guys off of waivers, but then failed to set my lineups this week. Or I bench players precisely when their big week is coming. It's just been that kind of season for me. I wish you all have been far more productive and invested than I am, but if you need an assist on waivers, here's some advice.

And per my son's repeated requests, we're moving on through the food rainbow this week; red is up next, baby. And perhaps I'll actually have a few fantasy victories to boot.