Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fantasy Favre

Brett Favre. I had at least four friends contact me this morning to make sure I had heard the news of Favre’s retirement. It would be hard to miss that news…but to be honest, I wasn’t convinced it was real at first. I mean this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Favre was retiring – and after all the recent talk about the Packers’s website having a retirement article on Favre up and then disappearing…I thought this might be the next series of faux Favre retirement announcements. But after reading more and more articles it is clear that Favre is ending calling it quits. So congrats to an excellent player...and since this is a fantasy football blog, let's celebrate Favre's career by taking a look at his fantasy stats.

Everyone has slightly different scoring, but I threw together a spreadsheet on Favre's stats over his years with the Packers and tallied up his fantasy points (I've had mixed success with sharing Google Spreadsheets - use the contact me button if you want the Excel version). I did some fairly standard things - 4 points per Pa TD, 6 points per Ru TD, 2 points per 2 PT conversions, 1 point per 20 Pa yards, 1 point per 10 Ru yards. Took off 2 points for interceptions and lost fumbles. And below you'll see the option of looking at total season fantasy points (FP) with or without completions added in - the far right column has 0.2 points per completion.

However you slice it, 1995 was Favre's most impressive fantasy season; not surprisingly, the mid-1990s were a fairly solid time for Favre both from a fantasy football and reality football standpoint. Cheers to Favre and here's to Aaron Rodgers as the next hot commodity on the fantasy QB scene!

YEAR FP w/o cmp
FP w/cmp
1992 233.15 293.55
1993 220.75 284.35
1994 332.3 404.9
1995 382.75 454.55
1996 354.55 419.55
1997 324.05 384.85
1998 309.9 379.3
1999 260.75 328.95
2000 253.4 321
2001 303.65 366.45
2002 264.2 332.4
2003 259.55 321.15
2004 296 365.2
2005 224.25 298.65
2006 237.15 305.75
2007 286.95 358.15
4539.35 5614.75

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