Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Offseason Moves

Greetings fantasy football fans. We're getting pretty close to March Madness time so I'm impressed that so many of you are here, focusing on football instead. This makes perfect sense since football is of course the best possible sport out there...and there are still several free-agency updates coming in from around the NFL, so read on:

  • Warrick Dunn signs with TB. As FF Xtreme notes, "this is actually great news for Earnest Graham owners, as this signing makes it far less likely that the Bucs attack the running back position in this year's 2008 NFL Draft."
  • Cold, Hard Football Facts has linked up to all the "year in review" summaries released by each NFL team - there are some solid factoids in here, such as:
    • Jay Cutler’s 63.6 completion percentage was the third highest in franchise history
    • The Titans improved from 32nd in total defense in 2006 (369.7 YPG) to 5th in total defense in 2007 (291.6 YPG)
    • The Jaguars set franchise records for points (411, 25.7 PPG), TDs (50), TD passes (28) and yards per play (5.6).
  • Trent Green goes back to the Rams. As someone who has owned Marc Bulger at really unfortunate times and is intimately aware of his injury-proneness, knowing who his back-up will be in 2008 is essential. Though after learning that it will be Trent Green, I'm left with great uncertainty. Trent needs to retire. Is this really a good move for the Rams? Unclear.
  • As I've noted in an earlier post, I have an oddly high interest in Jesse Chatman's future whereabouts. Check out the Fifth Down's guest blogger for the week's thoughts on what it means for the Jets now that they've signed Chatman.
  • Need a visual to wrap your mind around all the free-agency moves so far? Check out The Huddle's 2008 NFL Off-season roster changes.

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