Sunday, March 02, 2008

Weekend Updates on FA

Colorado weather is so crazy - yesterday I was outside running in the 70+ degree weather in shorts and a t-shirt; now I'm staring at several inches of blowing snow out our window. Sweet.

So speaking of Colorado, the Denver Broncos have acquired Keary Colbert in free agency to beef up their crew of receivers. Hmm. I'm not entirely ready to pass judgment on Colbert yet since I think he's had a dicey situation as of late in Carolina. But I'm kind of surprised that this is the best we could do with WRs. Perhaps we're saving up our big moves for changes on the D, as is desperately needed. But enough on the Broncos - there are all sorts of other free-agency moves worth noting:

For a status update on your favorite FA players, check out's Super 99 NFL Free Agents. I've got a post coming to Sports Grumblings on the fantasy impact of some of these free-agency moves, so keep your eyes open for a link to that article.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Minnesota Bernard. Now if Tavaris can just figure it out and get you the ball.