Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break 08 & fantasy football

It's Spring Break in Boulder, Colorado. Spring Break not only means that there aren't any students around campus (and yet I'm still here, library-ing away...), but it also means the NFL Draft is around the corner; the NFL Draft means that training camp is only is a season away; training camp means the first game is quickly approaching. So by my calculations, it's really about time that we rev up the fantasy preparations for 2008.

  • released their 2008 Fantasy football mock draft 2.0 last week; I have to say, I'm surprised by some of the things I'm seeing. Frank Gore going 4th overall is intriguing - I love the guy and love the boldness of that pick. Not sure I'd have the guts to do it.
  • The Huddle takes a look at which NFL teams might be drafting a rookie RB in the draft this year (and beyond) and their reasons why in Rookie Running Backs by Team Needs.
  • n Finishing Strong, Pro Football Reference blog answers the question of whether or not a team's finish has an impact on how well they play the following season. They analyze finishes back to 1990 and determined that strong finishers do outperform the league average. Read on to see who this year's strong finishers were...
  • News from the Broncos on a freak accident that injured Brandon Marshall. He's expected to be out for several months and "might be ready to resume football activities" by training camp. Um, not cool. Oh Broncos...see what happens when you let Jason Elam go??
  • Football Outsiders continues their series of reviewing the free agency and draft needs status of teams in Four Downs: AFC South. By the way, want some stadium seats from the RCA Dome? Or Marvin Harrison's locker? Or just a 2x3 of sideline turf? Read on for links to your own piece of the Colts. At ridiculous prices of course.
Enjoy and happy spring break.

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