Monday, March 03, 2008

The FA News Keeps Rolling In...

I love how completely different all the Randy Moss news is - ESPN is reporting that maybe Moss and Culpepper would like to reunite and take their free agent selves to the same team in 2008; while the NFL Network is reporting that Moss and the Pats are very close to reaching negotiations. Love it.

Another big piece of news - Michael Turner signed with the Falcons (and Warrick Dunn was released). Now who will the Falcons draft with their number 3 overall pick come April? Not to overstate the obvious, but adding The Burner to the Falcons definitely moves Norwood down a few notches in terms of fantasy value.

Read on for more football knowledge - or just entertainment:

  • I'm back on Sports Grumblings! Every few weeks I'll be up there spouting off some opinions, so swing by. Check out my thoughts on Fantasy Football Grumblings: Free Agent Frenzy. Since I don't think SG has a comments section, feel free to post here with any thoughts - particularly other big FA fantasy impacts that I missed.
  • Big Ben is making the Big Bucks and sticking around Pittsburgh for another eight years.
  • The Bruno Boys have created the ultimate fantasy football player - check out The Ultimate Fantasy Football Player find out which players make up the cream of the crop.
  • Jesse Chatman (I somehow acquired him in a trade in my keeper league, meaning I might be overly interested in Chatman...) has a visit with the Jets on the docket thanks to the potentially overcrowded backfield in Miami in 2008. Frankly, if I'm the Dolphins, I'm hardly eager to make Ricky Williams the primary backup considering it took all of 6 plays before he was injured last November.

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jnb said...

With Favre's big news today, I'd add Aaron Rogers to your watch list. He was a phenom to watch at Cal and I look forward to seeing him step up into some big empty shoes.